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welcome to weber custom painting

My life has revolved around agriculture and the outdoors since I was a little girl but not until I met my husband were my eyes opened to the beauty of ranch life. Newborn calves taking their first steps, that first day out to pasture and the sun setting behind an old windmill.
These are what fuel my passion for painting.
Let me turn your treasured moment caught on camera into a timeless piece of art.

PAINTING of the month!

"Cory Watt Memorial"

For those of you who follow my work, you may know that I have had just a few projects in my career that will forever be engrained in my heart. The "Cory Watt Memorial" is now on that list! I am blessed to hold many fond memories of working on this unforgettable painting for a truly unforgettable young man. The bible speaks of how we are all the "hands and feet of Christ" and for this project He had my hands. To learn more about Cory and the legacy he created at a young age take the time to read this amazing article.