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Limited edition of 100. It’s 2:00 am. I’m restless so I brew myself some coffee and tip toe to my quiet studio. As I begin to paint I had a rush of very heavy thoughts. A historic storm has just passed through leaving many in pain and full of doubt, a college friend has just suddenly lost her son, a family member deals with cancer, another is in search of answers, a dear friends family is falling apart, it’s raining on already flooded ground, yet, there is an ongoing battle of drought just down the road, (go ahead and add your own story right here). The thought of, “how would I capture this thought?”, came to my mind. Jesus holding the world on his shoulders is, of coarse, a natural direction but as I began to draw I couldn’t bare to continue. It didn’t feel right. Is He holding back the storm with outstretched arms saving the people while the material things of this world are shaved away like dust in the wind? Is He gripping the hand of a grieving mother, leading a father or gently guiding a child or elder to a heavenly home? Are their well rooted people of faith holding strong around Him while He bares the pressures of people without their deep roots established yet so they may stand another day and grow deeper in Him? Is He shouldering your unseen tears and heartache to protect the people around you? Or maybe He….you fill in what your heart feels.

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